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Our Services

Training in Logistics and Energy Management

The course is aimed at providing participants with essential knowledge and skills needed to save energy, reduce operational costs and carbon emissions, and meet their organisation's environmental goals with a comprehensive, overview of the fundamentals of energy management. It gives an understanding on what is Energy Management, Principles and techniques of energy consumption, Managerial aspects to Energy management and Energy Auditing.
Different training packages are:

  • Transpoint Early Pioneers (TEP) helping young people in the energy sector connect to women professionals in the energy sector. Focusing on what to expect in the market place, preparing for the challenges, recognising opportunities in the market place and marketing yourself professionally.
  • Transpoint Trailblazer (TT) connecting local businesses with international energy companies, helping UK based companies to connect with global market, global partners and projects.
  • Transpoint Logistics (TL) targeting government and business to business support services. Includes training on providing effective communication in the globalised workplace, excellent customer service, transportation training and contract services.

Training in Personal Development

  • Communication & Presentation Skills – The course identifies what clear communication is, the styles of communication and developing good listening skills. The course is aimed at improving techniques for communicating with different levels of people and is designed to help improve or consolidate presentation skills via the use of PowerPoint and flip charts, to help support or reinforce your message.

Training in Management Development

  • Management Development- Business Management, Developing Leadership skills, Team Leading. This course gives participants the opportunity to gain an awareness of leadership styles, how one’s chosen style affects the team and how best to adapt own style to best suit the situation.

Specialised Skilled Staff Training

  • Train the Trainer - This course develops your skills and abilities in a stimulating environment that encourages learning and includes Developing your Training, Facilitation Skills, Train the Trainer, The Practical Trainer and Train the Coach. The courses we deliver are dedicated to developing delegates to be great trainers, as well as providing Training Needs Analysis.
  • Customer Services- Communication, Difficult customers, Interpersonal skills: The course is customer-focused either for internal and external customers and aim at developing employees' ability to deliver excellent customer service. It is suitable for any role and offers core skills to front-line staff as well as those managing and/or leading customer service organisations.